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S/O to this incredible #mancandymonday! Hes been there for me since the day we met, literally. Im so lucky to have someone who stands by me through everything, which has been a lot in the last one month and one week. Ive yet to go an hour without smiling or crying from laughing because of this goober. I love everything that you do. I love the cute nights we spend downtown watching the sunset and falling asleep to you playing with my hair and tucking me in tightly and telling me good night, then waking up confused because youre not there.. I thought I knew what it felt like to be happy with someone, but I was wrong. You’re wonderful and everything you do makes me the happiest girl. Thank you for all the ice cream dates, late night hinkles run, the pain of shopping with me, and catching me when you taught me how to skateboard. What can I day, you truly are the only mcm I need or want. ❀ @caseyacra

Happy birthday to the most amszing aunt ever. Youve been there for me through everything and you are always there to help me when I need something. You are so sweet and I couldnt have imagined growing up with anyone else singing me to sleep or freaking out when I choke. Youre an amazing mommy and role model and I know you will succeed in teaching too. I love you and I hope your day is great!
Ps. Im still waiting on the pictures of us from prom :P

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